Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Five Things About Teen Wolf 5x02, "Parasomnia"

  1. I can’t be the only person who has no idea what’s happening with Tracy. Was she already a werewolf? Did she get turned into a werewolf? I don’t even know, man. Teen Wolf kinda thrives on this sort of thing—even in this episode, we had another unexplained and unremarked upon mystery in Malia’s weird flash while driving. But the difference between the Tracy mystery and, say, the Theo mystery is that while I can easily formulate questions to ask about Theo—Is he really Theo? Is he really from Ethan and Aiden’s pack? What does he want?—the only question I can come up with about Tracy is “What the hell?”

  2. “Why can’t you trust anyone?” “Because you trust everyone!” This is a really interesting way of framing Stiles and Scott’s relationship. I’m not sure the text fully supports it—Scott kind of wavers in how much he trusts people he obviously shouldn’t trust—but I buy it on an intuitive level. And I definitely buy that that’s how Stiles sees their friendship, because Stiles is an overprotective neurotic crazy person who thinks he’s responsible for everyone. The trailers for the rest of the season make it seem like this may turn into a Thing, but this is Teen Wolf, so who knows.

  3. Speaking of this being Teen Wolf, I’ve thought about it, and I’ve figured out how a reasonable show would handle the Lydia/Eichen House flashforwards. We know season five is a 20-episode season split into two 10-episode half-seasons, but following a single story the entire time. (Unlike season 3, which told distinct stories in its first and second halves.) So the thing to do, of course, would be to spend the first 10 episodes building up to Lydia in Eichen House, catch up with the flashforwards in the midseason finale, and then move on from there in the second half. This makes so much sense that I would be shocked if Teen Wolf did it.

  4. I was so happy to see Lydia’s mom back. (And amused to see her lecturing about night terrors; she is such her daughter’s mother.) I love their relationship—how prickly it is, how weird the power balance is, but how much genuine love is obviously there. It’s one of the show’s most consistent relationships, up there with Stiles and his father.

  5. Theo is played by Mike Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars. I feel like that makes an absurd amount of sense (Mike is always going out of town on lacrosse trips, after all), but also it means that every time the show tries to be, like, suspenseful about Theo, all I can think is, “Mike! Get back to Rosewood! Mona’s not done with you!”

  6. BONUS THING: With the increased focus on Mason and Liam’s relationship and Mysterious Girl from Sixth Grade, I can’t help but feel like Teen Wolf is trying to establish a new generation of supernatural teenagers in case its current stars move on, a la Degrassi. I cannot emphasize enough how terrible that idea is.

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