Monday, July 13, 2015

Five Things About Teen Wolf 5x03, "Dreamcatchers"

  1. Between Lydia and Kira teaming up to help Malia drive, and Malia overpowering kanima venom to fight Tracy to save Lydia’s mom, this seems to have been Teen Wolf’s Girl Power episode. I’m not opposed, though I’m still waiting for a sequel to Lydia and Malia: Private Eyes from last season. (Lydia and Malia play really well off each other for a lot of the same reasons Lydia and Stiles play well off each other; they’re both smart, both opinionated, and have completely divergent views of the world.)

  2. I realized that the flashes Malia had last week and this week are flashbacks to the crash that killed her family, and a) I feel like SUCH AN IDIOT for not getting that, and b) I’m proud of Teen Wolf for dealing with it.

  3. Teen Wolf has apparently given up on having full subplots, opting instead to focus vaguely on a single character or theme. In the premiere, it was “getting/keeping the gang together”; in “Parasomnia,” it was “What the fuck is up with Theo and Tracy?”; in tonight’s episode, it was “MAN THAT MALIA’S PRETTY AWESOME AND TERRIFYING.” So we get Malia learning to drive, and then we get Malia seeing a picture of the Desert Wolf’s destruction, and then we get Malia overcoming the kanima venom to save Lydia’s mom. Those three things together make up at least half the episode, and while they share a kind of thematic focus—Malia’s power, and how that makes her potentially amazing and potentially dangerous—they’re only tangentially related, in terms of plot. I’m like 90 percent sure that this is why Teen Wolf is so confusing.

  4. Speaking of kanima venom, for those playing along at home, Stiles has now been paralyzed by it four times. If I remember correctly, Derek has been paralyzed by it twice, and no one else has gotten hit more than once.

  5. Man, Teen Wolf is really trolling its audience with the Sheriff/Lydia’s mom stuff.

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