Hi, I'm Madelyn Glymour, a data analyst and freelance writer/editor based in Pittsburgh. I went to Carnegie Mellon University, where they taught me to count things and talk back to authority figures. The natural intersection of those two interests is "statistics that prove everything's terrible," so this blog contains a lot of home-made statistical studies of things like gender ratios in TV writers' rooms. It also contains episodic television reviews, long thinky-thoughts essays about narrative, flailing about things that excite me, and excessive swearing.

I'm a stats geek, but when it comes to TV ratings, I've got nothing on my sister Holly, who's been following the decline of NBC since I was but a wee tot. She stops by occasionally to lend an expert opinion on the Nielsens (and to rant about The Walking Dead).

Comments are open, and I love a good discussion. Feel free to poke around and irately disagree!

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