Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rotten Tomatoes/Metacritic Reviewers by Gender: Captain America Edition

All other films have fled in fear of Captain America: Civil War this week, so there's only one film to tally up the critics for. The percentage of female critics is lower this week than for any of last week's films, though of course the total numbers are higher, since everyone in the world is reviewing Civil War. (I bet those two facts are related, too -- though stuff like that will have to wait until I've collected enough data to analyze.)

Captain America: Civil War

Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: 92

Rating (Female Critics): 97

Number of Critics Counted: 223

Number of Female Critics Counted: 38 (17%)


Rating: 75

Rating (Female Critics Average): 77.4

Number of Critics Counted: 50

Number of Female Critics Counted: 5 (10%)

* Rotten Tomatoes gives a simple overall rating that is the percentage of all reviews that are "fresh" (that is, positive). Metacritic assigns a numerical value to each critic's review, and determines its ratings via an unknown weighting system of those values. So it's impossible to get the true female Metacritic score. Instead, I've simply averaged the individual scores of the female critics.

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